For the Birds

You might think I spend a lot of time at my kitchen window spying on birds, but they are mysterious creatures who–as though on signal–all flock to the feeders at the same time. When I hear twitters and chirps, that’s when I grab my camera. Yesterday, this adorable little finch appeared.

This bird is so adorable, I have to post all his pictures.

One more.

This may not be the same bird, but he is also adorable.

I am not so much a bird watcher, as a bird appreciator. So what this little bird is, exactly, I’m not sure. A young sparrow? A female sparrow? Not sure.

As per usual.

A male cardinal appears.


Still posing.

Off he flies.

Below the feeders, the squirrel nibbles.

All around is the beautiful disorder of autumn.

Larkspur seedlings have already emerged.

As have columbine seedlings.

This has “chickadee” written all over it.

Here’s a chickadee, though he has yet to find the orange and suet.

To be continued . . .

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