Until the Last Golden Leaf Had Fallen

There has been a series of hard frosts, and now the basil leaves hang limply and the tomato vines have given up the ghost.

The golden leaves of the horse chestnut tree create a tapestry with vinca and pachysandra.

The competition at the suet feeder has grown fierce. Here a sparrow arrives for a meal.

Soon there were three.

The leaves of the nearby red currant bush have turned to gold.

Sedums are amazing. The leaves have turned yellow, the plant is falling over, but it’s still beautiful.

I hope you don’t mind if I post more pictures of the goldfinches. I am aware of being in a bird mania–in the grips of their little claws–and can’t resist taking more pictures. So I hope you will bear with me!

Pausing for a moment.

Double trouble.

I love the cool sunlight on their feathers.

Still love it.

This hosta has fainted away quite dramatically.

And daylily leaves are going helter-skelter.

Jim and I recently took a walk through a nearby oak grove, where I picked up leaves from different types of oak trees. The leaves have dried, and I will be making an oak leaf herbarium.

I hope to be posting more recipes soon, but there will be a change in them. Some of you may know that Jim had chemotherapy this year for colon cancer. He’s doing fine. We have found, however, that sugar consumption is not good for cancer survivors. So, we are swearing off sugar. This is actually a big deal–no more brownies? chocolate chip cookies? Gulp. So I will be doing some heavy-duty investigating into low or no-sugar desserts and baking. I have already made a delicious recipe of apple slices cooked in lemon juice with a bit of butter, and cinnamon, dried cranberries, and toasted almonds. The entire recipe called for one tablespoon of brown sugar. Served with Greek yogurt, it was delish. So all is not lost.

Please take care. Namaste. Fran

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