Morning, Noon and Night

Some blogs feature photographs of sunrises over the Mediterreanean, or Paris, France. I’m afraid I can only show you the sunrise over my neighbor’s garage. I am glad to note that the sun  is pretty spectacular wherever it rises.

I went to sleep in St. Charles, Illinois, last night, and woke up in Frostland. The plants were toppling over, and many lay slain and glittering with frost.

The lamb’s ears are hard and icy as diamonds.

A closer look.

There was conflict at the feeder at lunchtime. Though with birds, it seems that every time is either breakfast, lunch, or dinner time.

I love the way the third bird seems to be floating in mid-air. Wish I could do that.

Trying another approach.

These rosettes are donkey-tail spurge (Euphorbia myrsinites). They are completely untouched by the frost.

Hope you don’t mind if I include a series of chickadee photos. They don’t normally linger by the feeder this way, so I took advantage.

Holding his own with a more aggressive bird.

Ready to take off.

The birds fall quiet,
the dusk gathers,
and beautiful night is here.

Namaste. Fran

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