Christmas Vacation

Maybe I should have titled this post, “Vacation from Christmas.” Just thought you might enjoy a break from the Christmas whirl, with these happenings today at the bird feeder.

IMG_2375The female cardinal is looking great–her feathers have completely grown back in.

IMG_2374Looks like a visitor! Check out the claws at the upper left.

IMG_2376A feathery kerfluffle.

IMG_2381A noble purple finch, perched on the feeder.

IMG_2382Still looking good.

IMG_2379Grabbing a bite to eat.

IMG_2385A chickadee pops in, just for a moment.

Namaste. Fran

7 thoughts on “Christmas Vacation

  1. You know every time I see a cardinal I think of my grandmother. She use to point out the “red birds” to me a child. She would tell me to “quick make a wish and look at something red” to make it come true. Funny, I still do it to this day.

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