Orchids at Hausermann’s

5565xNow that Christmas is over, I feel a bit of a let down, and here in the Midwest, January is usually cold and grey. This is by way of explaining why I found myself driving to Hausermann’s Orchids, in Addison, Illinois. I wanted warmth, and I wanted color, and I seemed to remember that Hausermann’s greenhouse had both. I had been there years ago at a time when I wasn’t all that interested in orchids, and actually I’ve been strangely unmoved by orchids, perhaps because I associated them with the rather funereal orchid corsages women used to wear on Mother’s Day or on Easter.

DSCF5515At any rate, I walked in the door, and was enveloped by warm moist air that smelled of cloves, lilies, and vanilla. I was in the right place!

5516xI was immediately confronted with a “pansy” orchid. Love it!

5525xAbout an hour later I emerged, having taken more than a hundred pictures, and purchased an orchid myself, which I really hadn’t planned on doing.

5526xAs I strolled along the aisles, I heard customers speaking in Japanese and German–orchid lovers come to Hausermann’s from all over the world.

5527xAs I explored from room to room, I finally started to “see” orchids, and their amazing colors and forms began replacing the cliched orchid Easter corsage of my mind.

5528xInitially, I tried to write down names, but between my camera, my glasses, and a pad of paper and pencil, it became cumbersome, and I realized that I just wanted to enjoy their beauty, and I hope you do, as well.

5530xOne interesting thing is that different areas of the greenhouse are kept at different temperatures and humidities to accommodate the various types of orchids.

5534xThis is an incredibly labor-intensive endeavor, and the prices are reasonable considering what goes into nurturing these specialized plants.

5535xI was falling under their spell.

5538xHow could I not?

5542xI was floating on the Planet Orchid.

5545xDefinitely didn’t want to go back to the Planet Earth . . .

5546xwhere it was snowing.

5548xSo I continued to float along the aisles, drawn from plant to plant . . .

5549xeach seeming more dramatic than the last. Love the color of this one.

5551xAnd this one!

5575xDidn’t know there were blue orchids.

5576xSo amazing I had to include two pictures.

DSCF5521This was like sunshine.

5596xThis orchid has a lily-like quality.

5562xThe colors are amazing.

5552xI hope you have enjoyed these lovely flowers . . I have more photos, and tomorrow will publish a photo gallery for the hard-core orchids lovers among us.

5607xI purchased a miniature phalaenopsis called ‘Chin Lih’, along with a maidenhair fern, and am attempting to digest the information sheet that came along with it.

Hope your days are warm and sweet-scented. Namaste. Fran


12 thoughts on “Orchids at Hausermann’s

  1. Oh, Fran, you went to Hausermann’s!!! Don’t you love it? I knew you’d fall in love with orchids! Want to know the REALLY coincidental thing? I, too, purchased a mini Chin Lih Phal on my first visit ther in September – honest to gosh truth! I’ll send you a pic, along with pics of my mounted Catts . . .

    1. Out of all the orchids at Haudermann’s, we chose the same one? Amazing! But I liked the idea that it was a phalaenopsis (hopefully, easy to grow), and that it was small. Sherri, I have a question. It’s in a tiny pot–should I be repotting it? Fran

      1. No, as long as you like the pot, I woud leave it. The most common mistake in potting orchids is to overpot – they really do like their roots crowded in pots and some like to be downright “jammed” in! But, if yours is like mine was – in a clay pot – and you want to continue to grow it potted rather than mounted, you may think about repotting to a same-size clear pot with lots of holes. I just like seeing the roots and how much condensation is in the pot. It’s practically impossible to see when it needs watering in an opaque pot unless you use the skewer method. I’ll send you a link on the skewer method.

      2. The pot is so tiny the plant is falling over. Maybe I can shore it up. I’ve been reading and digesting the info on the orchid culture guide Hausermann’s hands out. A lot to know, but very interesting! Thanks. Fran


  2. P.S. A lot of phals are spiking now (sending up a flower spike). Three of the 8 I have are in spike – including Chin Lih!!. It takes several months to get buds and flowers, though, so patience is a virture!

      1. Cool! But, Fran, don’t be disappointed if you get bud blast – the buds dropping off. You did nothing wrong. That can happen just because it’s in a totally new environment. Also, now that I read it is budding/blooming – DO NOT repot at this point! Once those blooms start to fade and drop in a couple months, THEN is a good time to mount, repot or whatever you wish to do with it. It’s little roots will start growing and that’s a great time to repot if you’re going to do so.

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