A Trip to the Art Institute, February 2013

5667xEvery now and then I play hooky and venture downtown to the Art Institute. It’s pictures like the above that keep me coming.

DSCF5642I started out the morning at the Geneva, Illinois train station.

DSCF5647An hour and fifteen minutes later I was in downtown Chicago.

5651xI walked to the Art Institute and was the first in line. This adorable little squirrel hopped over and looked at me–anything to eat? I was very sorry to say, no.

5672xI seem to see a different Art Institute every time I come–guess it depends on your mood. I enjoyed some of the large period pieces . . .

5687xand could identify with this lady . . .

5670xbut started peering into the corners of the paintings and in their margins, finding little dogs, wild flowers and all sorts of treasures, including these lovely irises.

5664xLoved this swan’s transparent wing . . .

5671xthis little dog . . .

5669xthis dog/horse delicately stepping in among the lily of the valley . . .















5693xAfter seeing this, I am mulling over how to re-string some pearls I have, using a blue silk ribbon.

5691xLoved this porcelain bowl of fresh figs . . .

5662xand this landscape of delicacies.

5680xIf I could have one of these pictures to hang over my sofa, this would be it! At any rate, I greatly enjoyed my day at the museum, but will come back with some squirrel treats the next time!

2985xAnd here are some views of a Valentine rose.



3006xThank you God, for this beautiful world.

Hope your week is a good one! Namaste. Fran


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