Orchid Gallery

5749xAlthough I have struggled to resist orchids and their magnetic charms, I somehow found myself at Hausermann’s Orchids again recently, having been there just a few months ago. But they were having an open house; they are not far away, and the magnetic power of the orchids somehow pulled me back  as though with an orchid tractor beam. I attended with friend Sherri, who, although she claimed to have just gotten into orchids last September, exhibited an encyclopedic knowledge of everything orchid-related. She seemed to know the name of every orchid in the greenhouse, along with details of their rather exacting care.

5716xxI barely managed to escape Hausermann’s with a pretty little cobalt blue vase for my miniature “phal,” called ‘Chin Lih’, having quickly picked up the lingo for “phalenopsis,” from Sherri.

5717xx5718xAs it was an open house, there were special deals, and people were filling their carts as though Hausermann’s was having a flashing bluelight special. Keeping ‘Chin Lih’ in mind, who at that very moment was languishing on a windowsill, I resisted purchasing another orchid with all my might. (I have since moved ‘Chin Lih’ to the bathroom, and she has perked up greatly.)

5720x5721xAs to why I have resisted orchids, I can only observe that they look to me as though, if I were small enough, they would eat me. So there is a sinister undertone! The beguiling scents of vanilla, of cloves, of citrus, have not fooled me!

At this point, I will post the rest of the pictures, and I hope you can pretend you are slowly walking down the damp aisles of Hausermann’s, in their wonderfully old-fashioned and labyrinthine greenhouse, rusty pipes sputtering, and feeling the change of cool air to warm air and back again as you step from room to room, enjoying the different orchids.

Namaste.  Fran

Hausermann’s is at 24134 Addison Rd., Villa Park, IL.


Orchid in bud.
Orchid in bud.

4 thoughts on “Orchid Gallery

  1. Wow those are some beautiful orchids! I buy orchids for my wife ad she absolutely loves them – I visited an amazing echidna garden in Hawaii a few years ago and they are just so exotic and te flowers are truly amazing. Do you grow these or just like to look? I’d like to have a small greenhouse with some orchids inside one day.. I’m a beginner gardener and would be so proud to grow some orchids like those – anyways, thanks for the pictures I really enjoyed them!

    1. Nice to hear from you! I like to photograph orchids–they are so dramatic and colorful–but am not a grower. The people at Hausermann’s did all the hard work! Fran

  2. Fran, these pictures came out beautifully!! Thank you for the compliment, but – I wish I WERE an orchid encyclopedia. Then I could page through my archives looking for origin and culture info for some obscure orchid . . . ((*sigh*)).

    Trust me – orchids are not (too) sinister. However, I would not peek into Hausermann’s windows at night . . . : )

    Blessings, my friend!

  3. You never know what those orchids would be up to! Sounds like the beginning of a Stephen King novel. I just wish I had time to grow everything! Blessings back to you, Sherri. Fran

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