Happy Easter!

3328xJust wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I spent some of the day coloring eggs, for the first time using Greek red dye.

3357xxThe color red is symbolic of life, as well as the blood of Christ.

I purchased the dye at a local store that has a selection of European foods–it was between the Moroccan olives and the Greek honey!

IMG_3312The dye is way more intense and inky than the usual pastel dyes, so I dyed the eggs in a stainless steel bowl.

A tip: Don’t rinse the eggs when you are pouring the dye down the drain. Rinsing the eggs will lighten the color. Just drain away as much of the dye as you can, and then lift the eggs onto a piece of paper towel. I turned each egg over a few times to allow it to dry completely. You can buff the dyed eggs with a small amount of olive oil to give them a nice sheen.

3332xAt any rate, I love the deep red color–it takes the eggs out of the realm of crafts, and reminds me of the religious significance of these days.

3317x3319xHere is another reminder of Spring–the feathers of this male goldfinch are turning to deep gold.

So I wish you a Happy Easter, and hope you are enjoying the coming of Spring. Namaste. Fran

6 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

    1. Never will make namby-pamby pastel eggs again! Happy Easter to you, Sherri. By the way, after I moved my orchid to the bathroom, one flower popped open, and I was all excited. Another is ready to flower, but it looks like it will be a slow process! Fran


  1. Thanks, Fran, I really miss our bird feeder here at Carrage Oaks (we cannot hang things on our balcony). I do read your blogs and hope to visit Josies Antiques soon, of course we downsized so we have to control what we want to add, kind of takes the fun out of visiting. But Fred is looking for tiny things to go into ‘the one sheet of paper’ art boxes he is still making (not bad when you are 87 years old) Have a Happy Easter-we will probably see you at the 7:30 service tomorrow.

    1. Hi Shirley–I would like to learn more about the “one sheet of paper” art boxes–sounds very interesting! We’re trying to downsize, too, but it’s not easy. We’ll be going to the 9:00 service tomorrow, because we’ll be bringing my Mom, and the 7:30 is just too early for her. Glad your enjoy the birds–I never get tired of looking at them. Happy Easter to you and Fred, as well. Take care. Fran

  2. Always enjoy your blog Fran.. I love the eggs and wondered where you found the dye. I have looked many times, but haven’t been able to find it. Thanks!

    1. Hi Carol–The dye is sold at Butera. They have European specialties, and there is a tiny section of Greek foods, right next to the Italian items. They also have green dye–not sure what that’s for! Fran


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