Birds and more Birds

3360xIt’s been a busy few days bird-wise, and I have found myself welcoming back old avian friends, and in some cases, gazing right into their beady little eyes.

IMG_3369Of course, the squirrels have never left, but this one was loitering in a nearby tree yesterday, seemingly asking to have his picture taken.

IMG_3361And I noticed this nest, and wondered if it will be used again this spring.

3371xI love photographing goldfinches, because they seem to have such  calm natures, and will sit quietly at our feeder for long stretches of time.

3374xThis little fellow seemed to enjoy the sunshine.

3379xThe spring wind was blowing quite hard, and the feeder was swinging back and forth . . .

3390xbut he didn’t move.


He didn’t seem to mind having his feathers ruffled, and concentrated on his meal.

3386xGlamour shot!

IMG_3394I was also happy to see the purple finches back, and wondered where they had been.

3396xMagnificent posing!

3400xRobins favor worms to eat, and don’t appear at our feeder.

DSCF5778Still in a bird mode, here is a photo of a little bird planter at my sister Janet’s home, where we spent a wonderful Easter.

IMG_3401This was the sky when I came home from work today–amazingly beautiful and spring-like!

3364xAnd I noticed these leaves of some species tulips emerging–can hardy wait to see the flowers!

Hope your week is a good one. Namaste. Fran

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