Spring Moon

3681xIMG_3685Yesterday in the early evening I stepped outside and saw the almost full moon, which shone with a ghostly light. I ran back inside to get my camera, and opened the aperture to allow the moonlight to flood in, and took these pictures of ghostly daffodils and hellebores–even a moonstruck goldfinch!

3641x3642x3643xMoonlight seems to be the natural element for these hellebores.

3656xThis hyacinth seems quite unearthly.

3654xAs  does the armeria.

3650x3662x3717xIMG_3669Moon-mad daffs.

3657xEven prosaic lamium seemed to glow mysteriously in the lunar light.

3665xPansies turning to the moon.

3674xIcy puschkinia.

IMG_3683The scilla looked under the moon’s influence, too.

3594xLastly, a moonstruck goldfinch.

Namaste. Fran

14 thoughts on “Spring Moon

  1. Wow, Aunt Fran! Those photos of the moon are really something. I’ve never seen it in such detail before (at least in a nonprofessional photo)! And the garden is looking good. 🙂

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