In the Garden, May 3, 2013

IMG_3794Walked through the garden yesterday, and took a tour. It had been raining on an off and I could almost feel things growing in the warmth. These wild tulips are called Tulipa tarda.
IMG_3795Another view.
IMG_3621Robins seem to be everywhere.
IMG_3682When it clouded over, this robin fluffed his feathers at the cold.
IMG_3783Another favorite tulip of mine is the peach blossom tulip.
IMG_3776It’s a so-called “heirloom” tulip, dating from 1890. Bulbs can be purchased from Old House Gardens, and are well worth getting.

The cardinals are back, looking like the King and Queen.
IMG_3711The male cardinal can be quite fierce looking.
It always amazes me that such a vividly red bird should live here in the rather mundane state of Illinois.
IMG_3712Another pose.
IMG_3798The female cardinal is starting to lose some of her head feathers already.
IMG_3799Still love her, though.
IMG_3762The hellebores continue to look beautiful. You can see the green seed pods forming. They will turn brown, and scatter seeds, which will sprout.
IMG_3701I took a moment to look into the birdbath. It’s like consulting an oracle. What will the future bring?

3706xI love pulmonarias, for their lovely spotted leaves. I found one sprouted in our lawn today–a sure sign that the lawn needs mowing! Everything in the garden is in disarray though, having just come off a long, cold spring, and then a string of rainy days.
IMG_3806A closeup of a tiny iris. This is what I love about photography–it looks into a world I can’t see with my own eyes.
IMG_3828A closeup of grape hyacinths and snow white iberis. You can tell the iberis is in the broccoli (brassica) family because it has four petals arranged in a cross.
IMG_3837In the Kingdom of Grape Hyacinths.
IMG_3797A back view of some trout lilies.
IMG_3808These fern croziers seem to be holding a conversation! Wonder what they’re talking about?
IMG_3840A total mystery tulip. Didn’t plant it, so where did it come from? I suspect that more tulips self seed than we would think.
IMG_3814Love this little goldfinch.
IMG_3815Goldfinches just always seem adorable.
IMG_3845Some Virginia bluebells.
IMG_3836IMG_3802And the pear tree is coming into bloom, and the peach blossom tulip sits for its portrait.

I hope you have enjoyed this garden stroll! Namaste. Fran

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