Over the Moon

IMG_4034I have fallen in love with a flower. It’s been, I have to say, a long time since this has happened, because once your garden has been faithless and difficult, once you’ve seen a flower that thrives in someone else’s garden, but not yours, once a flower has laughed in your face and flounced away–well, you vow never to love again. But yesterday my florentine irises bloomed for the first time, and I was left moonstruck. Their silvery, almost lunar, color, their naturally aristocratic air, as though they had just stepped off of a Medici tapestry, their sheer loveliness . . . So I would like to share some photos taken just after this afternoon’s rainstorm.

IMG_4077Their full name is Iris germanica x florentina. They were originally cultivated in medieval times in Florence, Italy, for their roots, which smell of violets when dried.

IMG_4080Florentine irises were also grown in medieval castle and herb gardens. They were called “white flags.” A blue Iris germanica, called “blue flag,” was also grown.

IMG_4089The fragrance of this iris is slightly spicy, sweet, and clean.



IMG_4094The petals with the yellow “beards,” are actually petal-like sepals, called “falls.” The three true petals stand upright.

4091xSpeaking of being moonstruck, I sat out on our back porch the other night, and turned my camera to the moon again.


IMG_4056It looked enormous.

IMG_4070Mist began to move in.

IMG_4072Dark clouds soon obscured the moon entirely. At any rate, between the flowers of unearthly beauty, and the mysterious moon, I have been having some beautiful, moonstruck days. Namaste. Fran

4 thoughts on “Over the Moon

  1. I’m a big fan of your blog. This time, the beautifullness of both the story and your photographs (and of course, Nature) really touched me. Thank you and keep writing this lovely blog!!! Verónica (from Argentina)

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