Summer Days and Swedish Cookies

‘Seven Sisters’ rose. Smells like lemons!

The roses have begun to bloom, and the poppies have opened, and it feels like summer is finally here.

IMG_4384I have enjoyed watching the poppies open. First there is the bud, looking so dramatic.

IMG_4567Then, the flower slowly opens.


A local festival is coming up called Swedish Days. Swedish immigrants were among the first to settle in the Fox River Valley, and the town next over from us, Geneva, holds the Swedish Days festival.

IMG_4548Our church will have a food booth, and will serve Swedish food. A call was put to church bakers to make a large quantity of Raspberry Ribbon Cookies (Hindbaerkager). I made a batch, along with a Swedish pineapple cake called Ananastarta (recipe to come) that will also be served, and Jim brought them to church. Raspberry Ribbons are soft butter cookies filled with raspberry jam, and drizzled with glaze. I have to say, these are some of the most delicious cookies I’ve ever eaten, and that’s saying something! They are buttery, yet tangy with the jam and then there’s the sweetness of the glaze.

IMG_4546-002Here’s more of a closeup.

cookiesxI found a similar recipe in a wonderful Swedish cook book called Swedish Cakes and Cookies. Here’s a picture of what their Jelly Slices looked like. The glaze totally covers the jam. I have also seen these cookies with a ribbon of glaze piped to one side of the jam.

You might not think so, but these cookies are pretty easy to make, because the dough handles very easily and is not sticky. Also, when you make the trough with the wooden spoon handle, make it deep, because the cookie will rise a bit. So here is the recipe. Hope you enjoy! Namaste. Fran


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