Leah’s Garden

The front garden.
The front garden.

I’d like to take you on a little tour of a wonderful garden, that of my sister-in-law Leah. It really is one of the most beautiful gardens I’ve ever seen. So with her kind permission, during a Fourth of July get together, I prowled through the garden taking pictures, which I offer here. Thank you, Leah!

A wonderful jumble of country flowers.

IMG_4905A  campanula.

IMG_4909Backlit astrantia.

IMG_4910Another lovely jumble, the kind you can only find in a true cottage garden.

IMG_4911Lilies. (I’m aware I’m not saying anything very informative here!)

IMG_4913A  giant coleus snuggles with a hosta.

IMG_4916Really lovely stream in this shady garden–sounds beautiful, looks beautiful.

IMG_4917A shy hedgehog in amongst the painted ferns.

IMG_4919I believe this is a tricolor beech. Amazing looking!

IMG_4920A mysterious photographer can be seen in the window.

IMG_4921A friendly bunny hippity-hopping through the garden.

IMG_4922I believe this grass is a golden hakonechloa. It’s for shady gardens.

IMG_4923A lucky denizen of the garden.

IMG_4931 Not garden-related, but who could resist resist including the delightful dogs of the house all decked out for the Fourth? Could they be any cuter? Hope you have enjoyed this tour through this wonderful garden. Thank you again, Leah. Fran


6 thoughts on “Leah’s Garden

  1. Got here via the July 4 2015 post – didn’t know that Leah (and John) have such a wonderful garden and cuter-than-cute pooches.

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