Wool Love

DSCF6038I’m straying from the garden path today in order to show you some of the sights from a Stitches Midwest expo my sister and I attended yesterday. It was all about yarn, mainly wool yarn, though we saw yarn made from bison down, camel fur, and more. The yarn shown above is typical of the luscious yarn colors we saw, and comes from Crystal Palace Yarns. (If you go to their Facebook page, they offer free patterns.) My sister and I are yarn junkies–there’s no other way I can describe it–and we walked down the aisles getting punch drunk on the gorgeous colors.

DSCF6031I’ll be dreaming about this silk mohair yarn from Capistrano Fiber Arts.

DSCF6032So beautiful I had to include another picture!

DSCF6034There is no way around it–beautifully spun and dyed yarn is a luxury, but the sheep above tells us to get a grip.

DSCF6007The style of the hour is the little shawlette–a lacy wisp of color to throw over the shoulder when a tiny finger of cold threatens. Shawlettes were everywhere, and I can see why. They are a smaller project than an entire sweater, and offer an opportunity to try a little bit of lace knitting. Also, gauge is not such a factor–if the shawlette is a little bit larger or smaller than intended, it’s not usually a problem.

I loved the ombre effect in this little shawl. The pattern is called “Plumaria Frill” and the designer is Michelle Blohm. I liked it so well I purchased the pattern. Must start knitting soon!

I also purchased a kit for this shawl, which is light and soft as a feather. The pattern and wool was from the Ewetopia Fiber Shop.

IMG_5394I’m making it in this color combo.

DSCF6040Another pretty one.

IMG_5395I bought this pattern, as well. It looks a little prim and proper here, but they had it made up, and it was a soft, lacy cloud,

IMG_5393This is the lace border of a shawl I knit some years ago of Shetland wool, from an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern.  I snuggle in it every winter.

DSCF6006Fabulous wool was everywhere. This is from Alexandra’s Crafts. (I had difficulty linking to her page, but if you Google “Alexandra’s Crafts,” it will come up.)

DSCF6009From Twisted Fiber Art.


Zen Yarn Garden.

DSCF6036A waterfall of color.

DSCF6021More color.

Many of the yarns were almost iridescent, but not in a garish way.

From DSCF6022Kangaroo Dyer.

DSCF6024A soft brown yarn is made from bison down.

DSCF6005Of course, there was alpaca yarn. This personable fellow is named “Fence Rider.” Some of the yarn you can see came from him.

DSCF6026Incredibly soft yarn, but out of my price range! That’s $75 a skein, not $25!

DSCF6012There were books, as well. Some were in German, Swedish, and Japanese.

DSCF6041Something for everyone!

DSCF6019Lots of knitting accessories, such as these mother of pearl buttons.

For shawlette patterns, Google “shawlette patterns,” or go to Ravelry.com. They have some beautiful patterns, including a shawlette inspired by dandelions alled “Dandelion Shawl,” by Kavita Sleight.  I was  not able to get a photo for you, but I love the idea of a dandelion shawlette. You need to create an account and log in to Ravelry, but many patterns are free. Another good source for patterns is KnittingPatternCentral.com. 

DSCF6029Here is my sister with a little scarf knit from–guess what–75% wool and 25% stainless steel! It had a peculiar, but interesting, starched quality.  Hope this post has got you to thinking about all things wool and knitting, Namaste. Fran

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