Fall Days


My friend Susan gave me a box of Macintosh apples from her tree, and a bouquet of tansy. (Thank you, Susan!) These apples looked like no Macintosh I had ever seen in a plastic bag at a grocery store–these were big and looked crisp and bloomed with color.  So even before I ate one, I took some pictures. The apples have that indescribable fresh taste of apples right off the tree, tasting like fresh air and all sorts of apple-y nuances.


IMG_5705And the spindles of the swamp milkweed have burst open, allowing the seeds to be picked up by the wind and blown away.


IMG_5696The sweet autumn clematis is in full bloom.


IMG_5704And the calendula, which languishes in summer heat, has sprung back to life.

Then, of course, there’s always an adorable finch.




For all those living in and around St. Charles, Illinois, I want to mention that I have my bird watercolors and other crafts on display at the St. Charles Public Library. The display case is in the lobby, so if you have a moment, please stop on by! Namaste. Fran


2 thoughts on “Fall Days

  1. Always enjoy your blog, we stopped at the library just to see your exhibit- it is amazing, you are so creative (I loved the fabric butterflies) but you should have a copy of your book in the case.

    1. Glad you could stop by–the fabric butterflies are my favorite, too. I just borrowed a book that is all origami butterflies, and will be interested if I can use cloth with them, too. It’s funny, I was so focused on crafts, that I didn’t even think of my book! I’ll have to see if there is a spot for it. Again, thanks for visiting. Fran


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