In the Fall Garden with Asters and Finches

IMG_5826When the asters start to bloom, I know that Fall is getting serious. Asters are always pleasantly untidy, falling over and twining in with other plants.

IMG_5823I guess you could say wild asters are weeds, but they do have their beautiful moments.


IMG_5839Here is some lunaria, gone to seed.

IMG_5820And here is a Dr. Seuss-like plant– apple mint–gone to seed.

One thing I’ve noticed about birds is that they often don’t look remotely like the specimens in the bird identification guides. There are seasonal differences, and stages when a young bird is getting older, or they might have mites, and have feathers falling out. This is by way of saying that my guess is that this bird is a young male house finch, but why he has confetti-colored feathers, I don’t know!


There are other inhabitants of the garden besides birds.

IMG_5789Life is not always easy for birds.

IMG_5834Sand cherry leaves after a rain.

IMG_5877Lastly, a finch glamour shot!

My next post will feature Fresh Dill Soda Bread, so I hope you will stop by again. Namaste. Fran


5 thoughts on “In the Fall Garden with Asters and Finches

  1. Fran, you’ve got a way with that camera – I have asters, too and they would never look like that on my camera. Don’t you love the way the middle part (stigma?) is different colors, based on the maturation of the flower??

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