A Drive Out to Wiltse’s

DSCF6244Wiltse’s is a farm out near DeKalb, Illinois. On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we drove out in search of the perfect ear of corn. Their farm stand is in a big red barn.

DSCF6261DSCF6248It looks like we came to the right place!

They had piles of many different kinds of squash. I took pictures of them all, because they seemed so photogenic!






DSCF6247I ended up buying some sweet dumpling squash. The best squash ever! I cut it into quarters and microwave it. Its so deliciously sweet, it needs no butter or seasoning.

DSCF6250I looked at the produce for canning, but decided, not this year!

DSCF6256I was happy to see this little cat playing in the barnyard.

DSCF6260Celosia in the bright sun.

DSCF6243Then we journeyed back home, with corn, tomatoes, and the sweet dumpling squash.

IMG_5885Back home, I strolled through the garden before dinner. I love to see the sedum, which comes into its own this time of year.


IMG_5894Some of the last Fairy roses.

IMG_5879A caterpillar, eating the parsley. As long as it turns into a beautiful butterfly, that’s okay!

IMG_5881Just a squirrel, but one full of squirrel personality.

IMG_5899This is some of the corn we bought. It looks puny, but it’s a variety called “Mirai,” and is the best tasting corn we’ve ever had. Its kernels are like little bubbles bursting with sweet corn flavor.

We had beef barley soup, dill bread, the Mirai corn, and strawberries for dinner. Yum!

Hope your week is a wonderful one. Namaste. Fran


2 thoughts on “A Drive Out to Wiltse’s

    1. Hi Shirley–Wiltse’s is on Route 38 and is in Maple Park. The official address is 50 W 379 Rt. 38. Jim notes that they are right before County Line Road, and it was about a 15 to 20 minute drive. When you get there, they are on the left. I really enjoyed going there, and would definitely get more of their corn.

      Nice to hear from you, Shirley. Take care. Fran


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