IMG_6091These are some photos I took of the cosmos blooming in my garden late this afternoon.  These humble flowers were somehow enobled by the golden light. This is a variety called “Sensation,” which is usually a mixture of white, pink, and red, but this summer only the pink appeared, in one of those minor garden mysteries. Hope you enjoy!

It occurred to me that the title of this post could be taken to mean “the universe,” as opposed to a flower, but then I remembered a verse from the poet William Blake, and decided the title was okay!

To see a world in a grain of sand
And heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour. 











This little fellow appeared at the feeder today, looking very alert!


And, somehow, on this golden afternoon, even the drooping horse chestnut leaves look beautiful!

My best wishes to you for a happy week. Fran


4 thoughts on “Cosmos

  1. I liked your entry very much! Lovely photographs, as usual! Surprisingly, here, at the north region of Argentina, cosmos grow freely in local gardens, and in a variety of colors wich goes from deep red (bordeaux), to pink or white. Your photos show that the flower petals are a little broader than the wild species here. Sooner I’ll post some photos I’ve taken sometime ago, and may be we can compare them. Regards…

  2. How interesting! I’ve only seen garden-variety cosmos, and never thought about what they looked like in the wild. I very much look forward to seeing your photos to compare. Nice to hear from you. Fran

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