Snow Birds

IMG_6721Late last night, while we were fast asleep, snow started to fall, and we woke to a snowy world. The snow seemed to exhilarate the birds, who swooped around as though they were playing.

IMG_6698Cardinals look wonderful in the snow! Here is the female cardinal waiting her turn by the feeder.


IMG_6700One more.

IMG_6676A mourning dove, looking ghostly.

IMG_6713The male cardinal in the dogwood tree.



Carrying a bit of straw in his beak.

Enter Mr. Finch.



Posing together.


Lastly, a squirrel, looking not at all bothered by the snow! Namaste. Fran




2 thoughts on “Snow Birds

  1. Oh, how beautiful. All three of those beings are my favorites. The name of my shop is Fox and Finch so you can see I do like finches. The variations in the squirrels’ coloring is interesting.One has little pink pads and the other has black. That is something I never noticed about squirrels before this post. Of course, it is hard to get them to turn over to show their paws!

    1. We seem to have both grey squirrels and red squirrels in our yard, so maybe that’s the difference. I didn’t notice that about their paws, either. Nice to hear from you. Fran


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