Cold Weather

IMG_6942The temperature has plunged (-15 Fahenheit), and we are in a vortex of Arctic air. I’ve been worrying about the birds, wondering how well they tolerate sub-zero temperatures. And then yesterday, Jim and I saw flashing lights down the block, one street over. We walked over and saw, to our horror, a building on fire. Firemen had a huge hose trained on it, and at one point a crane also sprayed it with water. The three people who lived on the top floor escaped, but it couldn’t have been easy, rushing out into the cold air in their pajamas. The Red Cross came to take them in, and there has been a local clothing drive. I took these pictures–today the building is a still-smoldering piles of wreckage. IMG_6943 IMG_6944 IMG_6945 IMG_6949

IMG_6958As for the birds, here is a photo of a female cardinal that I took this afternoon, who looks fine, and I also saw a downy woodpecker, and a house finch. I was glad to see them! Namaste. Fran

5 thoughts on “Cold Weather

  1. Oh, my gosh, Fran, that is so awful! I hope those poor people are OK and can have their home rebuilt. We were a little concerned about our outside kitties who stay in our garage (and are fed and watered by Mr. Sherri every day!), so we got a little space heater for them. We’ve already outfitted the garage with 3 large cardboard boxes with a doorway cut in front and old blankets on the floor for them to snuggle in. As ferals, they’ve struck gold with us!

    1. They are lucky cats! I’ve been thinking about all the animals out in the cold–the raccoons, possums and cats. And I was wondering about the birds. But birds turned up at the feeder yesterday. I hope the raccoons and possums have burrows. Fran


  2. Just a note to Sherri, straw (not hay) is the best thing for feral cats. It is hollow and traps air which acts as insulation. Plus, they can burrow down in it. It is so nice of you to take care of them. I’ve made a few houses for feral cats and did a lot of research so I just thought I’d pass that along.

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