Indigo Butterfly Collection

IMG_6987I’ve come into the possession of another butterfly collection. Some time ago, on June 7, 2012, I posted about some rare butterflies that I had found in my backyard. These are even rarer! And they consented to pose for my camera! So here is my new butterfly collection, all with indigo wings.

The Indigo Batik, the Indigo Kimono, and the African Striped butterflies are made from aizome chiyogami washi paper (available online at The Origami Paper Shop), a type of textured origami paper. The Rare Stygian butterfly is made from embossed paper from India. The Natty Dresser is made from wallpaper, and the rest of the butterflies are made either from reproduction indigo fabric (available online at Reproduction, or scraps of silk.

One butterfly–not indigo–insisted on having her picture taken, even though she is not part of the indigo group. She is called Cherry Blossom, and is such a breath of spring that I had to include her! She is also made from washi paper.



An anonymous butterfly also popped up. Not indigo, but close enough.

IMG_6988The directions for the three-dimensional butterflies are from a book called Michael LaFosse’s Origami Butterflies. I’ve so far managed to fold only the easiest one, called Alice Gray. You can also google “Michael LaFosse butterflies YouTube” to find butterfly folding demos. The book is nice because it includes two CDs with folding instructions. Really helps!

Speaking of butterflies, I have run across a wonderful blog called Winged Beauty, which features photos of butterflies by biologist Jeffrey Zablow. Not only are the photos enjoyable, but Zablow also tells of his adventures in finding them–he goes all over the world in their pursuit. So you might want to check out his site.

Lastly, I thought you might enjoy some photos of a recent visitor to our suet feeder–a red-breasted sapsucker. I love the vivid red of his head feathers. Namaste. Fran

IMG_6964 IMG_6966

8 thoughts on “Indigo Butterfly Collection

  1. Fran, those are gorgeous. Very nice.

    You are too funny! I think Cherry Blossom butterfly is a bit of a diva, along the lines of the delphiniums in our Midwest gardens you wrote about in your book. “Excuse me! Manure from Holstein cows, ONLY, please! (eye roll)” 🙂

  2. PS, don’t you LOVE the red-breasted woodpecker? They come to our yard occasionally. There was a bit of a brou-ha-ha with one of the outside kitties a few years ago and they’ve become a bit shy. Gee, wonder why? *grumble*

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