Cirque du Squirrelé

Why spend hundreds of dollars on plane tickets to Las Vegas to see Cirque du Soleil when you can see Cirque du Squirrelé in your own background? At least this is how I felt watching the acrobatics of two squirrels this morning just outside of our kitchen window.

IMG_7146 IMG_7147

IMG_7150This looks pretty difficult.

IMG_7152 IMG_7154Upside down.
IMG_7156 IMG_7157 IMG_7158

IMG_7161 IMG_7162Is there nothing a squirrel won’t do to get some black oil sunflower seeds?

Jim was flabbergasted to see that the squirrel has eaten through the feeder. What will happen when he falls in is anybody’s guess.IMG_7164


11 thoughts on “Cirque du Squirrelé

  1. Loved your show. That is one thing I really miss here as we used to have those shows in our Geneva home. They too ate into the feeders.

    1. Glad you enjoyed! Last year’s squirrels had figured out a way to slide upside down to the bottom of the feeder, and get the sunflower seed that way. This year’s has figured out something different! Fran

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