Blue Apron and Pink Flowers

apronLittle tingles of Spring are in the air, and I feel the need to turn a page. Begone cookies and cake! Step away from the oven! The need to make is strong, though, and I found myself rummaging through a stack of flowered cotton fabric that had been sleeping peacefully in a drawer for years. A blue-flowered muslin looked fresh and springy. Then I rummaged through my patterns and found directions for a little apron trimmed with rickrack. Rummaging through another drawer, I even found some blue rickrack. This apron was meant to be!

IMG_7267It was fun to make. For one thing, there were no sizing issues–just choose small, medium or large–no interfacing, zippers or buttonholes. Just cut out, sew, and wear. The pattern is Simplicity SewSimple A2011. If I recall, it cost about $3.00. This would be a good pattern for beginners. Just go slowly, think before you cut, and visualize each step as you proceed.

The apron shown on the pattern is made with contrasting fabrics. You could certainly do that, and it would be a fun way to use up small pieces of fabric. Or, make it in dupioni silk as a “cocktail” apron. The entire apron takes two yards.

Here are some of the particulars.

I used one of my floral pincushions.  (March 9, 2012)

Floral pincushions
Floral pincushions

Here are the pleats in the pocket.


IMG_7248The waistband is hand sewn on the reverse side of the apron.

Back side of apron.


Rickrack edging. Be sure to baste the rickrack before sewing, so it doesn’t slip out of place.


The recipe is for Old-Fashioned Nuts Bars.


Flowers in the pocket.
Flowers in the pocket.

Old-Fashioned Nut Bars (July 7, 2012)


I made a pot holder to go with–it’s pattern called “Losses and Crosses.” Need to brush up on my patchwork skills!


Has anyone solved the mystery of why cats must sit in a box? This is our cat Rocket. Almost two months ago, he became totally blind. The vet said he had high blood pressure, and that his retinas had detached. She prescribed high blood pressure medication, and soon after, his sight completely returned. We are still amazed.


Some flowers. Hope your day is a bright one. Namaste. Fran




2 thoughts on “Blue Apron and Pink Flowers

  1. Oh, Fran, that apron is SO pretty! And, I think even I can manage those nut bars. I will try them. Rocket is the amazing come back kit!!! That’s the only reason we need to know as to why his sight returned. That, modern medicine, and good “parenting”! God bless.

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