The Robins are Back

IMG_7807I’ve been hearing the robins before I saw them–that watery, lazy warble that I associate with dawn. This robin looks like he means business!

IMG_7808He preened himself  . . .

IMG_7809and scratched himself.

IMG_7814Apparently, he decided he needed a bath, and he hopped into the bird bath on the other side of Mrs. Ott’s fence. I heard lots of splashing, and then he emerged considerably smaller looking than when he went in.

Drying off involved lots of wing stretching, forward and back.


Looks as good as new!


IMG_7817Thinking, something I don’t think robins do too much of.

One last shake.


After a while, he was in full fluff again . . .


and singing.


If you are interested in following the spring migration of birds and butterflies, check out the Journey North site. My friend Joel tipped me off to it. You can not only see where various birds are, but can report your own sightings. They also have live bird cams, including an Osprey Cam. Robin maps note that waves of robins have come north, but that not much nesting has been seen yet. Well, they have to take their baths first, and it’s a big production. At any rate, it’s a fun site.

Very little greenery yet–this shows the buds on a maple tree in our garden. Namaste. Fran




8 thoughts on “The Robins are Back

  1. FRAN!!!
    Robins! I am so happy. I haven’t seen one yet but they must be close! I went over to the Journey North site and it was interesting. I just ordered milkweed seeds a couple of days ago to plant in the village gardens that I take care of…for the monarchs.
    What a welcomed post this is.

  2. They must be getting very close. But it’s just been the last week that I’ve seen them all over the place. This fall I will have the seeds for swamp milkweed, if you would be interested. It’s a much prettier plant than the name would imply. Also, I was at, and if you are part of a non-profit organization, they will give your free milkweed plants. Fran

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