For a Spring Evening

Some finch pictures for a spring evening. No matter what the news of the world is, nature proceeds as usual–birds singing, perching, and, soon, nesting, innocent and beautiful. (Though the house finches are a bit cheeky.)


Looks like he’s barely hanging on.



Cardinals always look so magnificent!


. . . and the hellebores are up. Hope you have a nice weekend! Namaste. Fran




5 thoughts on “For a Spring Evening

  1. You get such great birds! Jan’s bird feeder is now pretty popular, but it is place where we can see the food is disappearing but cannot see the birds at work. Oh, well, glad they are getting some extra chow.

    1. No, it is not easy to see. Jan had it in our backyard where we would see it, but no birds came and Jan concluded they wanted more privacy. So now it is a feast for their little tummies but not for our eyes.

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