Gold in the Spring Garden

I’ve been enjoying watching the male goldfinches turn neon yellow. Just a few weeks ago they looked like this:


But this weekend, they looked like this! It’s an amazing transformation.IMG_8229

We put up a new feeder right on the window, and hope it draws more birds. So far, so good.


I took this series of goldfinch pictures, and am not enough of a goldfinchologist to know what it means. But they do seem to be arguing and then making up!

IMG_8150 IMG_8151 IMG_8152

Jim and I were sitting under the horsechestnut tree and saw these tail feathers. What was it?


I walked under the branch and took a look from the other side. It was a mourning dove.


Other critters have appeared this week . . .


The magnolias are starting to bloom . . .


and the spring irises . . .


and we’re really enjoying the little species tulips. These are Tulipa turkistanica.


Hope you don’t mind if I sneak in another robin. He was warbling!


And I’m enjoying seeing the maples leaf out. Hope your spring week is going well. Namaste. Fran





6 thoughts on “Gold in the Spring Garden

  1. Love the beautiful photos and commentary. For sure, that male Goldfinch is looking very spif.

    That first photo of the birds “arguing” looks like one of them is being bawled out. A caption might be: “Sure! Come home again with fermented berries on your breath!”

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