Knee Deep in Robins

IMG_8413Robins seem to be everywhere today, swooping from tree to roof and then down to the lawn, looking for worms. I saw this delightful little robin sitting in the pear tree.

The narcissus are blooming . .


The heuchera is glowing, and the pear tree flowers are just opening.

IMG_8396 IMG_8397

The whole garden is going crazy . . .


A really deep robin mystery happened today. I saw this fellow grabbing a strand of an old clematis vine.


He flew up to the overhang of the neighbor’s roof  to add to a nest . . .


The female was keeping an eye on everything . . IMG_8369

He continued to work . . .




Testing it.



Jim wondered if this was their first nest!


I came back a few hours later, and found that the “nest” was completely gone! And I don’t think our 83-year-old neighbor had tidied it up. So the robins agreed with Jim and apparently decided to try again elsewhere.


Hope your day is going well, and that the robins try again! Namaste. Fran




7 thoughts on “Knee Deep in Robins

  1. Oh, that is interesting. Well, they probably thought, “Hey, we got all this stuff together, we might as well move it somewhere else.”
    I watch an interesting bird story unfold over three years. The first year two starlings decided to make a nest in a wall vent. It was very, very hard for the male to bring the nesting material inside. He would make attempt after attempt to get insides. He never got in on the first try no matter how many times he did it. The next year, they came back. He was getting good at bring in grass, twigs, etc. And, I watched the young ones, flying in and out and they were pretty good at it. The third year they didn’t return and I missed them.
    The robin seems to be of a mind to go some place better after the initial idea doesn’t pan out so well. Which bird would be considered more intelligent, I wonder, by humans. As if they care what humans think.

  2. Hi Ginene–It shows both robins and starlings were thinking, and are not the thoughtless creatures some people might suppose. Jim pointed out that the robins were in a gutter, and since it had been raining yesterday, maybe they were getting buffeted by water. They seem as smart as they need to be. Regards, Fran

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