Today in the Garden

This is Memorial Day, and Jim and I attended a Pancake Breakfast at church first thing in the morning, and then took my Mom on a picnic by the Fox River. I’m not really a fan of pancakes, but the breakfast is traditional so we went. After running around, I was glad to relax in the coolness of the garden, and to note all the many little things that happen there. First, the female cardinal posed so beautifully.


IMG_8788 IMG_8789

The irises are blooming all over town. This one is not spectacular, but it was in the garden when we moved in, and I value it for its simplicity.IMG_8794

If you sit quietly, you’ll see many little creatures creeping through the garden. It’s actually quite a busy place!

IMG_8869 IMG_8870

I have to admire squirrels for their tenacity!IMG_8882

A rather inelegant shot of a sparrow pushing off from the suet feeder.IMG_8883

The thalictrum is blooming.


A nuthatch stays still just long enough to be photographedIMG_8886

Well, winds are whipping up and seeds are helicoptering from the maple trees: looks like a storm is brewing! We’ll see what happens. Hope your day has been a good one. Namaste. Fran

Coming up: An all Iris post showcasing these beautiful blooms.




4 thoughts on “Today in the Garden

  1. Pancake breakfasts are great, particularly when the bacon they serve is not burned. Sounds like you had a great Memorial Day.

  2. It would be wonderful it you had some one like “National Geographic for Kids” (Is there such a thing?) to publish a book for you on the stories that you write from the birds point of view along with your incredible photography. I just thought to tell you, pretty sure you didn’t see it on my blog, but anyway, it is a picture of what I think are robins infants in their nest. If you click on the picture it will be big enough for you to see that an up-front and personal view of what appears to be gullets attached to tiny little bodies. It’s under the Truck with a Full Tank of Gas post. I think you’d find it interesting because of our love of birds.

  3. It’s a wonderful picture, and I am amazed that your sister has 32 nests in her yard. I hear baby birds in nearby trees, but I haven’t seen them. She must be offering birds something special! Thanks for sharing, Ginene. Fran

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