Chickadee on a Sundial


A chickadee has landed on the sundial in our side garden. He is looking thoughtful!


The green plants in the foreground are parsley plants going to seed. Usually I would pull them out, but I have read that swallowtail butterflies like parsley flowers, so they are staying in.


Still looking thoughtful.


I love to go out into the garden after a rainstorm. Every plant looks better when bejeweled with dew drops.



Lastly, there is a surprising amount of drama at the finch feeder–at least it surprises me!


A house finch makes a daring approach to the feeder.


The male house finch has lost his perch.


But he plots his revenge! Namaste. Fran




3 thoughts on “Chickadee on a Sundial

  1. Another reason to love our friends with feathers!
    However, our daughter Brittany’s dog once refused to look at her and sulked for over an hour one time when she came to our house, ran in and out, and did not bring her dog (a Beagle named Mona – our house is her second home, and she loves to play with our mutt, Lili) in with her.
    She got back to the car and Mona was furious. Talk about grudges!

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