Robin Update

Yesterday when I came home from work, the weather was hot and steamy, and a big storm predicted. I took a few pictures of a lily and a daylily that had just opened.

IMG_0067IMG_0073IMG_0097I wondered about the mother robin, and if she would be ok in the storm. I had been watching her for weeks, first assembling the nest as rain drizzled . . .


Then building the top part of the nest with mud and grass, and then shaking her whole body repeatedly to loosen her chest feathers to create a brood patch, which would be in direct contact with the eggs. She’s shaking her body in the picture below.

Mom and dad!




Keeping cool . . .


As the storm moved in, and the sky darkened, I couldn’t help but feel a little worried about her. She was so vulnerable, with only herself and her feathers to protect her eggs. Then the skies opened up and it poured. Thunder boomed and lightening crackled. I could still see her up on her nest.


The storm raged for more than an hour, when finally it tapered off and it got lighter. The mother robin wasn’t on her nest.

Daylily after the storm
Daylily after the storm

This morning, though, I was happy to see her back . . .


And when I came home from work, I noticed she seem to be looking at something in the nest . . .


You can see a little beak in front of her left leg. My guess is that only one or two of the eggs have hatched . . .
IMG_0111Back on the nest!


Namaste. Fran

IMG_0075 IMG_0076



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