Robin Nestlings and Orange Daylilies

I can’t resist posting more robin nestling photos–they’ve been growing very fast. There are two nestlings, and I have been calling them Grumpy 1 and Grumpy 2, and you’ll see why when you see the pictures! But first, I want to share some pictures of an orange daylily that has just opened in my garden–it’s really something!


Another daylily just opening.
Another daylily just opening.

Here are Grumpy 1 and Grumpy 2!





IMG_0348 IMG_0349 IMG_0350


IMG_0355 IMG_0356


The robin mother with dinner for the chicks.


I took this just an hour ago.

One more daylily! Namaste. Fran



3 thoughts on “Robin Nestlings and Orange Daylilies

  1. Oh, momma loves them even if they do look a little grumpy. We will land in Chicago one week from today, hope you can join me and Jim and John K (and possibly Leah) on Monday the 21st to meet granddaughter Finley and/or on the 23rd for a non-Finley visit.

  2. I have those same flowers!! They were here when I moved in. I didn’t know what they were, but I LOVE them. They are so pretty!! And they don’t last long..

    I like that you keep posting pictures of the cute birdies. It is fun to watch them grow thru the lens of your camera. Always appreciating here. 🙂

  3. Thank you, Virginia. The daylilies only open for one day, so you do have to appreciate them as they go by. And, I’ve been enjoying the birds, too! Thanks for stopping by. Fran

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