Mints in the Garden

IMG_1184Gardeners are usually warned against mints, because they spread. I can’t deny this, but I also can’t help liking them. Their fresh scent is so enjoyable, and almost every day when I walk through the garden, I will pick a mint leaf, crush it a little, and inhale. The fresh mint scent is uplifting. Also they spread only to a point, and are happy in an out-of the-way corner of the garden.

The above mint is apple mint, flowering. I have discovered a fun use for these flower heads. I pick one, crush it lightly, place it in a glass, and pour chilled sparkling mineral water over it. It’s incredibly refreshing on a hot day. With every sip, you inhale the scent of fresh apple mint, and your nose is tickled by the flowers. Hey, it’s the little things!


I also have a mint that I got from a Middle Eastern grocery store. Middle Eastern food uses mint, and I had always wondered what kind it was. It seems to be more of a spearmint than a peppermint. At any rate, I bought a bunch of the mint and was able to root a stem, and now have it in my garden. I call it Middle Eastern mint for lack of a better name, and like to decorate fruit salads with a sprig.

“Middle-Eastern” mint

And, I have a lavender mint. This is the best-smelling plant in the whole world, though I’ve never figured out a practical use for it. In my experience, mints can easily get musty when dried. So I content myself with crushing a leaf and inhaling when out in the garden. I also have a peppermint and a mint that smells like Juicy Fruit gum. Guess I’m a mintophile!

lavender mint

We got a new bird toy/feeder, which claims to be specially for chickadees. So far, I have only seen goldfinches on it, but that’s okay. This particular goldfinch seems to be wearing a small toupee–either that, or he is having a bad hair day! It looks good on him!

IMG_1134 IMG_1135 IMG_1136


Here is a male house finch, looking quite handsome.


And, lastly, here is a little butterfly. I generally think of moths as being brown and furry, but the antennae would indicate a butterfly. It turns out there are quite a few little brown butterflies, so I wasn’t able to identify. Anyway, he looks nice on the marigold!

Hope your week is good. Namaste. Fran

IMG_1105 IMG_1107


4 thoughts on “Mints in the Garden

  1. Fresh mint makes me happy. Love the use with water. Why did I not think of that??

    Cute birdies and butterfly. Thanks!!!! xo

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