Baby House Finch

IMG_1236I was in the front garden this morning planting some mums and a ferns in flower pots when I became aware of the insistent chirpings of a young bird. I quickly saw  it up in the limbs of a nearby tree. I went for my camera, and got these photos. I couldn’t see any nest or other nestlings. I think he (or she) is a baby house finch, because his mother looks like a finch and has a red streak on her crown.


Baby birds look wise but cautious.


His mother is coming.
She’s in the lower right of the picture.

IMG_1234 IMG_1240


A few minutes later, his mother came again, and he flapped his wings in excitement.
I hope he will be making his first flight soon.



3 thoughts on “Baby House Finch

  1. Hi Fran! Love the birdies! What sweet baby pictures!

    I hope this calendula will be of use to you. We were talking about potpourri when I brought it up, but this is not pretty flowers. It’s more like a wad of loose dried petals and centers. I hope it will work for your purposes. (I’m making calendula oil with it.) Do you have use for this type?


  2. I just now found your reply. Cookies! Now there’s a use I hadn’t thought of! It sounds like it would be okay; it’s organic, and it says it’s certified Kosher. Sounds edible, right?

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