A Brick and a Bird

IMG_2471l haven’t posted for awhile, for the simple reason that on Dec. 7 I had a stroke, which doctors think stemmed from a Coumadin-related brain bleed. (I’ve been on Coumadin for 17 years–it’s dangerous drug and it finally caught up with me.) So that’s the bad news! The good news is that I’ve been feeling better every day, actually, feeling a bit like Scrooge after his harrowing visits from the Spirits. Everything seems wonderful–the world, the cup of coffee this morning, even the grey winter skies. I’ve been really lucky–I am left with something called dorsal midbrain syndrome, which means I can’t look up. Also, my eyes don’t work together very well, so I am doing a long list of eye and balance exercises. It could have been so much worse that I feel giddy. The neurosurgeon, Dr. Lee, who lacks a bedside manner, said simply, “People die of these things.” So I am giddy, that while a brick fell on my head, today I will be slowly addressing Christmas cards, and eating food that ladies from Church have brought to me and Jim (I can’t tell you how good this food tastes). While I was in ICU, the images of some of my last bird photos seem to float above me in little crystalline bubbles (I was delirious). Their  beauty and innocence gave me something to hang on to. The bird above is one I thought of.
Meanwhile, every morning I have taken out our hymnal and have sung Amazing Grace. I hope God hears my beautiful voice, and not the wobbling, cracking voice that it really is. And I think of all the people in Intensive Care in Central DuPage Hospital, and I say a prayer for them.

Have a wonderful Christmas. Love, Fran

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