Robins in the Snow

I was trudging down a snowy hill on the way to the grocery store this morning, when I began to hear birds–lots of them. It was a flock of robins! I had seen a few lately, but this was a whole flock, gobbling the fallen berries of a serviceberry tree. When I got back home, I grabbed my camera and went back to the tree. The moment I turned my camera on, making its bright little “binging” noise, the whole flock flew away! But they came back, and I was able to take these pictures.

You’ll see that one bird has an errant feather sticking from his wing. One bird may be drunk. And then there’s that sneaky starling. Perhaps he thinks no one will notice. Hope you enjoy! (Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom.)

Then, I discovered something. It was all a dream–my cat Puff’s dream of some delicious robins. Bad cat! Peace to you. Fran



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