Spring is the Time for Small Ceremonies

One of the most powerful Spring ceremonies is that of planting seeds and seeing them come up. After a long winter, it’s a joy to see the green leaves emerge. These are for “Camp Joy” cherry tomatoes, which are both sweet and flavorful.


Seeing and exclaiming over robins is another Spring ceremony. So glad to see them, though some stayed over winter this year.

IMG_5297 IMG_5299 IMG_5300

I made a lamb cake for our Easter dinner the other day. I suppose this is a Spring ceremony, as well, as it is fraught with peril. Will the head (or ears or nose) fall off when you unmold it? Will it topple over? It came out in one piece. I poured a chocolate glaze over it, and sprinkled it with pastel nonpareils. The recipe came from Rachael Ray, and yields exactly the right amount of batter for the mold. I also found a useful chocolate glaze recipe to pour over the lamb.

Easy Chocolate Glaze

Add one tablespoon baking cocoa, one tablespoon butter and one tablespoon water to a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on high for 30 seconds. Add half a cup of confectioners sugar to the microwaved mixture and beat well until smooth. I doubled the recipe for this lamb. This is so easy and could be also used as a cookie or quick bread topping.


No one wanted to start at the head end!

Back out in the yard, I noticed a robin sitting in my neighbor Mrs. Ott’s bird bath. He remained sitting for a long time. Robins may seem to look identical to one another, but I’ve noticed that the white markings around their eyes are different in each bird.


Then he began bathing!


A few more ceremonies I’ve thought of:

After slogging through the long cold winter, finally reaching the finish line . . . a snow drop!
Seeing a bird flying through the sky with grass in her beak, for a nest.
Noticing that Spring light seems to shine from the Earth, not the sky.

Peace to you. Fran


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