Spring Wonderland

Last Friday, Jim and I drove down to Starved Rock State Park. We hiked over hill and dale and saw carpets of wildflowers, as well as waterfalls fed by the spring rains. Here are some highlights.

Sandstone layers, laid down long ago by an inland sea. When the glaciers melted thousands of years ago, the flood water carved canyons through the sandstone.

Red trilliums were everywhere–I love their common name: wakerobin.

Here’s some wild phlox with ferns. The fern on the right is hanging off the cliff, about 40 feet above a stream.


Above, Virginia bluebells reflected in a stream. Below, white Virginia bluebells!


Wild geranium

There were carpets of Spring Beauty (below) covering hillsides. The flowers are tiny, but the effect was breathtaking.


If only this plant had a better name! It’s called lousewort. I think I’ll rename it Mr. Ruffles.


I was amazed to see this lovely wildflower, called Bellwort. An aristocrat among wildflowers.


Jack in the Pulpit

Also was amazed to see shooting stars, especially in three different colors!

Interesting mushrooms!

Dutchman’s breeches

Lastly, a waterfall. Hope you have enjoyed! Peace. Fran



6 thoughts on “Spring Wonderland

  1. A wonderful spring hike, beautifully documented. I would love to get you two on a hike in our mountains out here.

  2. We can get up into the mountains in the car and hike along a level trail. One of the level, very wide and well-maintained trails we use to get to the steep hiking trails is called the Iron Horse Trail. You can drive right up to it, and hike right next to a mountain on one side, complete with numerous waterfalls and streams, with huge mountains across a valley a few miles away. You can hike through the forest without having to huff and puff up really steep trails. It’s all good!

  3. Hi Jane–Glad you enjoyed! Yesterday, Jim and I went to Johnson’s Mound, and there were tons of wildflowers, including giant white trilliums, and carpets of wild phlox. It was quite a sight to see. Fran

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