A Visit to a Natural History Museum

The title of this post may have grabbed you; it may have not. I just know that when I was a kid I loved going to the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois. The shadowy, echoing hallways, the marble staircases, the mummy cases, the dinosaur skeletons, the murky dioramas, the stuffed bears–I was transfixed. So I was amazed to find a small version of this in Elgin, Illinois, called the Elgin Public Museum. There are no mummy cases, but it has the same shadowy, echoing Victorian feel to it, and I enjoyed exploring it. I was there Sunday, and would like to share some photos.

A scene taken from the balcony.
A scene taken from the balcony.
In an alcove, there was a decorative bird case, with stuffed cedar waxwings.
In an alcove, there was a decorative bird case, with stuffed cedar waxwings perched on branches.

I wasn’t sure what to make of the stuffed birds and animals. They were both beautiful and melancholy. Here are some closeups of the bird case.

Individual birds.

My favorite exhibit was this glass case filled with milkweed pods and silk. There were bird feathers, eggs, and butterfly wings nestled in the milkweed silk. I’ve never seen anything like this.

On the walls, there were cases with stuffed birds.

A passenger pigeon.

There was another bird kiosk (not sure what to call it) on the balcony.

An egret.


A deer’s eye view from the balcony.


A view from the balcony.


From other side.


Time to leave!


Back home, I took this picture of a young robin. Glad to see him. Peace to you. Fran






7 thoughts on “A Visit to a Natural History Museum

    1. It’s in Lord’s Park, on the east side of Elgin. The address is 225 Grand Boulevard, Elgin, IL. Its hours are limited. There is a link to the museum in the first paragraph of my post–I would check the hours before going. Thanks for stopping by, Carol. Fran

  1. There’s an elevator inside the building, up to the balcony. But to get to the front door of the building, there is a flight of stairs. I emailed the director to ask if there is any other way in, so we’ll see! Fran

  2. Shirley, I contacted the museum, and they said there are several handicapped parking spots behind the museum. From there you can enter a door into the museum–no steps. But you have to ring a doorbell! The museum summer hours are Tuesday through Sunday, noon–4 pm. As I’ve mentioned, there is also an elevator in the museum up to the balcony. Fran

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