A Sweet Goldfinch

On a beautiful fall day this little goldfinch paused for a moment near the feeder. I love goldfinches–their soprano song, their calmness, their way of flying and swooping joyously through the air. So I hope you enjoy these pictures of this sweet little bird with a tiny crumb of bird seed on her beak.


img_6556 img_6557

img_6561 img_6562 img_6563img_6571img_6575Normally I like to include a cookie recipe in my post, and this morning I did bake up a recipe for Marshall Fields Mocha-frosted Hermit Cookies, from the same article that had the recipe for the Marshall Fields Chocolate Iced Cookies (Oct. 3, 2016), which are among the best cookies I’ve ever tasted. So I had high hopes, and was surprised when the cookies emerged from the oven looking like flabby old pancakes. Yikes. Worse, they even tasted like flabby old pancakes. I placed one of these cookies outside on a leaf for the squirrels to eat, and it remains untouched. Even squirrels have their standards. So it’s back to the drawing board, and I will post the re-configured recipe later this week! Peace. Fran


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