My name is Fran Manos, and I blog about cookies, crafts, gardening and birds.

I live in St. Charles, Illinois, and work at the local library. My husband’s name is Jim and we have two cats, Puff and Coco.

And, I’ve written two books: Beautiful Hands and Nails Naturally and Midwest Cottage Gardening. Both are available on Amazon.com.

If you would like to contact me, my e-mail is jmanos51@att.net.


16 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve been enjoying your blog, Fran. It’s an interesting variety. I’ll check back to see what’s new.

  2. Hi Fran, Am enjoying your site very much. Told my daughter Marie B. who you work with, that your blogs make me smile. Thanks for what you do!!!!
    Shirley Malmberg

  3. I was going to write and tell you that I like the pictures you createin your plant descriptions and that you should become a garden writer. Good thing I check…you already are a gardening author! Well, I guess I know when I read something good!

  4. Your site is a feast for the eyes. I felt as though I had been on a walk in the country as I scrolled through the photos. I found your site when I saw the lemony hostas under “images.” Mine matched yours. They disappear in the winter so completely that it is almost magical to see them come up in the spring. I am a teacher, writer, and gardener…I am thinking about writing a special children’s book about the wonder of gardening. Your site has inspired me.

  5. Hi Mark! Thanks for stopping by. I have to admit, I’ve become a bit of a nut about birds–seeing them close up with my camera has made me think about them in a whole new way. They are amazing. Fran

  6. Beautiful blog and covers many of my favorite things; cookies, crafts, birds and flowers as well as cats and squirrels! Living in SoCal my garden is, well, brown right now with an occasional 4 o’clock and nasturtium blooming. The drought is awful for gardens! I work as a medical librarian. Thanks for your lovely blog.

    Mary Osborne
    San Pedro, CA

  7. Thank you so much, Mary–what a nice note! Thanks for stopping by, and hope you can come again. We haven’t had rain for about five days, but that’s nothing like I’ve heard you’ve been experiencing. Please take care. Fran

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